Silvia Passoni architect in Brussels |

My cursus

Diplomas :
Architect with specialisation in restoration

Member of professional organisations :
Secretary and president of UFVAB (Union des Femmes Architectes Belges) from 2001 to 2009.
In this role in 2006 I received the price for the "Lauréat du travail" from the belgian government.

Studies and professional training :
University degree in architecture obtained at the «Politecnico» of Milan, in April 1994, with specialisation in « Conservation of Architectural and Urban Heritage ». Stage of specialisation in stone restoration at the «Politecnico» of Milan.

Public exhibition of the thesis on the subject of restoration and reuse of an industrial building of the XIX Century (mark 100/100) with special mention in the context of Rotary International Prize for the “Safeguard of Industrial Heritage”.
Stage of 6 months in Landscape architecture and arts of gardens at the Florence University.
State exam in July 1996 (empowerment for the architectural profession in Italy).
Member of the “Ordre des Architectes » of the Brabant province since 1996.

Languages :

  • Italian : mother tongue
  • French : very fluent, spoken and written
  • English: fluent, spoken and written
  • Spanish : basic
  • Flemish: basic


Informatics :
Systems Windows and Mac + Autocad, Minicad, Archicad, QuarkXPress, Photoshop.

Interests :
Sports (swimming, tennis, volley-ball, skiing), photography and paintings, music (piano), cooking, gardening.

Professional experience :
I live in Brussels since 1994 and I have had the opportunity to work in various architectural cabinets in Brussels, where I have been dealing with works of architecture, interiors and graphics for:

  • Cabinet of Architecture A.2R.C
  • Cabinet of architect V. Delfosse
  • Cabinet of architecture Beublet–De Laet
  • Cabinet of architecture Atelier d’Art Urbain
  • Cabinet of architecture Archi+i


I have participated to many architectural contests, such as the one for the CIVA in Brussels
I have organised various exhibitions at the “Fondation pour l’Architecture” in Brussels”

I have also worked at the European Commission in the Directorate-General for Education and Culture, for the assessment of projects in the field of restoration

Since 2002 I have followed training on sustainable architecture, with masters, “colloques” and seminars

Today, with my own cabinet, I realise various renovation projects, in Brussels and neighbouring communes.

Architectural approach :
My work, dealing with renovation of houses and dwellings, is marked by the respect of the architectural quality and the style of the buildings.

Among the essential elements of renovation, I pay specific attention to details, and to the use of new materials. All this, integrated into a contemporary architectural expression characterised by the widening of the space.